Life’s a BALL!

There’s a whole heap of fun to be had with a ball!!!  I just love my soccer ball – and Sally’s legs make good goal posts!

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You might like to watch this young horse play ball too……  woof!


It’s pays to have a good nose – especially when it’s foggy!

Hi folks, it’s been a while since I stopped by here, but don’t you worry, I’ve been keeping pretty busy even in this chilly weather we’ve been having.  It’s moving into winter here Downunder, and in this part of the world, that means lots of cold, rain, and fog.  Such as the morning in these pictures.  Fog, fog and fog.  Mind you, despite such a cold damp start, it did end up a sunny day as about mid-morning the sun won out over the dampness – just in time to warm me as I lay on the back verandah sunning myself after the morning’s exertions.

When Enivea and I first arrived in the cattle paddock, all we could see was one poor lone beast. Lucky I’ve got a good nose to sniff things out.

He needed his mates, so off we went to find them.

Maybe there’ll be more in amongst the trees…..

Yep, I remember this bloke, always got lots to say.  Thinks he’s the leader of the mob actually, but I don’t reckon he is.

Hang on, looks like he’s called out the troops – and this one means business!

Now listen here mate, don’t you get too close to Enivea, she’s the boss!

Time to head off back to the others don’t you think?

By the way, do you like my new winter jacket?  It’s matches the one my horse Sally wears.  Nice and warm it is.

Well, we were steered into the right direction, and had a good wander in the paddock and caught up with all the news from the rest of the mob.

Just as we began to head back home for breakfast, the sun sneaked a quick glance through the gum trees.

It was so pretty we almost forgot just how cold it was…….  woof!

Fireman Fred – toot toot!!

Boy oh boy, did I have fun the day we took a trip to Naracoorte!!  Isn’t it every boy’s dream to be on a steam engine?

This one is pretty special, cos it’s painted the same colour as my …um…. tie – woof!

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Woof! What a great looker!!

A rare human who notices these things…..

Out foxed!

There I was, minding my own business, trotting around the paddock in the early morning with E, when all of a sudden, up jumps this pesky creature almost from under my nose!!  E tried to capture the action with her camera, but the sun wasn’t up yet, and it was cloudy anyway, so the quality is not much.  Anyway, you’ll get the general idea……

Moving almost at the speed of light we were!

I chased him away, but the blighter kept hanging around!

How dare it get so close to me!

You see, the problem is, foxes are not native to Australia.

I was looking hard to see where it was hiding…..

It’s jolly hard to see them at times you know!

Here is it as it made its way back into the sanctuary of the forest.  E was hiding, and managed to sneak this shot of it before it realised just where she was.  It’s got its winter coat – night time temperatures are dropping, and I’m glad of my nice warm bed inside the house.  But of course, I’m sleeping inside so that I can protect E.  Nothing to do with comfort of course – woof!!


These two steers really know how to get attention – don’t you think? Woof!  I wished they’d wait for me to lick their noses!

It’s been suggested this could be a new sport at the London Olympics – any one interested in training for it?

This sounds really strange behaviour???!! Why don’t they do like us dogs do? We get out and have FUN!!

Pretty Feet, Pop Toe

Everyone knows I’m more adept at linguistic gymnastics than I am at the physical pursuits (unless I’m terribly drunk and you tell me “yes, of course you could totally be a cheerleader”, in which case, stand well back and grab yourself a camera) but that doesn’t mean I haven’t ever set foot in a gym, it just means I haven’t set foot in a gym for over ten years and even then, I’m not sure you can class using the spa pool and sauna as “working out”, more’s the pity. Anyway, just because I don’t waggle weights around in front of sweaty strangers, doesn’t mean I don’t know what goes on in these places and it certainly doesn’t stop me from having an opinion on them [collective cheer from audience].

I used to say that gymnasiums were nothing but torture chambers. This was based on the fact that they are rooms lined with lots of…

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Where’s Fred gone to?

Fr-r-e-ed!  Fr-r-e-ed!  Where are you – we want to play!

Please tell us where he is, pleeeese!

Are you hiding him under your jacket?????

I want Fred, I want Fred, I want Fred!!!

Peek a boo!  Here I am!!

Thereby hangs the dog’s tale.

Slowly in……whoosh out!

Trees are wonderful, don’t you know?  Full of most interesting smells, and ….um….er….. other things!

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