There I was, minding my own business, trotting around the paddock in the early morning with E, when all of a sudden, up jumps this pesky creature almost from under my nose!!  E tried to capture the action with her camera, but the sun wasn’t up yet, and it was cloudy anyway, so the quality is not much.  Anyway, you’ll get the general idea……

Moving almost at the speed of light we were!

I chased him away, but the blighter kept hanging around!

How dare it get so close to me!

You see, the problem is, foxes are not native to Australia.

I was looking hard to see where it was hiding…..

It’s jolly hard to see them at times you know!

Here is it as it made its way back into the sanctuary of the forest.  E was hiding, and managed to sneak this shot of it before it realised just where she was.  It’s got its winter coat – night time temperatures are dropping, and I’m glad of my nice warm bed inside the house.  But of course, I’m sleeping inside so that I can protect E.  Nothing to do with comfort of course – woof!!


About eremophila

I live in the Australian countryside with my animals. Together we explore the land around us and their connection with the world helps me to see what I would otherwise be blind to. They are my teachers. My aim is to convey this other way of seeing through my photography.

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  1. Fred, I can imagine your excitement when you saw the fox. I get pretty excited when I see them too. Mind you, I am less than excited when foxes have killed my chooks and ducks here in deepest suburbia.

    Enivea, I have been admiring your photographs of sunrises on your Redbubble site. I thought I would note the title of my favourite but gave up as there were so many favourites. However, ‘Starburst’ was the one which made me gasp. Fabulous work!

  2. clover58 says:

    Fred — I wonder what you would have done if you’d been “lucky” enough to catch the fox? Did you think of that?

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