You know those mornings, when the sun really calls, when you just know it’s going to be a great day?  We had one just like that last week.

And so, instead of going up the road, Enivea decided to go into the paddock.  Er…..the stock paddock…….

Well it was easy walking for her after all, with the nicely mown pathway – and with my not-so-long legs, it made it easier to keep track of where she was.  After all, I do have to keep an eye out for hidden dangers to guard her from.

And those trees in that paddock are really great!  Look at their size – I bet they’re about two hundreds years old!

Oh no!!!!   Look out, there’s wild cattle galloping towards us!!!!!!!!

And they’re heading straight for us!!!

Don’t worry Enivea – I’ll save you from these marauding beasts!

I see I’ll have to use my negotiating skills here – I’ll talk to their leader.

Well, you heard what was said – now git along away!

There’s always one more stubborn than the rest, but I gave it the ‘eye’ and that fixed it!

Phew! What a morning’s work and all so that she could photograph this tree!

She kept saying, look at the fairies dancing under the tree Fred – and you know, I reckon she was right…..

It’s not just at the bottom of the garden that you find fairies……you can find them at the bottom of the paddock too!


About eremophila

I live in the Australian countryside with my animals. Together we explore the land around us and their connection with the world helps me to see what I would otherwise be blind to. They are my teachers. My aim is to convey this other way of seeing through my photography.

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  1. What a wonderful trip Fred. BTW Mom and Dad got me a new friend. I’d like to introduce him to you. Hershel is a black 6 year old pug. He i very rambunctious compared to my sedateness. But we sureenjoy reading about your travels with the Turnip :);

    Walter & Hershel

    • eremophila says:

      G’day Walter! Woof! And big waggy hello to Hershel Gee, I’ve never seen a black pug! Just like Zorro eh?! Hope to see some pics of you soon, enjoying the Californian winter. Beats chasing bears in the snow eh? By the way, Turnip has transformed into a Carrot again!

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