Enivea has already written about our trip out to Boatswain Point, but I’m going to show you Wright Bay, just a little further north up the Limestone Coast.

We’d been exploring along the road, but it was way past time to stop for lunch, and I nudged her in this direction…..pretty good eh?  It was just us at the beach and I didn’t have to have that danged leash on!   If you look in the top right hand corner of the next pic, you can just see the top of the car – that’s how close we could get to the beach.

The water was really clear, and I could see tiny fish swimming in the shallows.  Enivea even went paddling, but she wouldn’t let me take a photo of her – I’ll get her one day though!

There’s lots of exciting smells at the beach and I couldn’t waste any time in checking them out!

Even the birds were amazed at my speed!

Whoops!  Where did the sand go to?  I don’t know what this brown stuff is, funny sort of leaves!

This bird seems to know where it’s going, maybe I’ll follow.

Nope, I don’t think I can follow into there……

I wonder what is out there?

It’s lots and lots more of this wet stuff – it seems to go on forever! I don’t think I’ll try swimming just yet…..

Exploring along the sand dunes is lots of fun, and it’s nice to get higher to see further out along the bay. See – no other people!  Mind you, I like to meet other people, and sometimes they even have dogs!  But it’s also nice when it’s just Enivea and me.

All too soon it was time to turn around and head back to the car.

Almost back to where we began.  It was a fun time, hope you all enjoyed the trip as much as we did – cheers!


About eremophila

I live in the Australian countryside with my animals. Together we explore the land around us and their connection with the world helps me to see what I would otherwise be blind to. They are my teachers. My aim is to convey this other way of seeing through my photography.

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  1. How about some scuba diving on your next trip to the coast. 😀

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