Sorry I’ve not written much lately, but it’s because we’ve been going on extra trips with our friend Tony who is visiting.  Tony is great!  He lets me sit on his lap, ride in his car, and plays games with me, woof woof!

One trip was to Robe on the Limestone Coast.  Last time Enivea and I went there, it was a bit cold and not very many people were about, but this time it was different.  I liked what I saw!

Robe has great coastline, with plenty of limestone rocks and cliffs, as well as sandy beaches in the bay.

In case you’re wondering, I keep Enivea on one end of the leash, just so I know where she is – can’t have her disappearing over the edge now can I !

I’m not sure what the three men in the water were doing……seems strange to me to just be there and not dog paddle about….but the whole time we watched them they didn’t move far at all.  Of course, sometimes I like to just sit and watch the world go by…….just not when I’m in the water.  (Actually, I’m not too keen yet on the sea water – rivers and lakes are more to my liking)

This is me with my driver Tony.  I like his van cos I can see lots better from it than Enivea’s little Toyota, even if it does rattle a bit more.

Some of the rocks bring other photographers out too.

All too soon it was time to hit the road again…..well not literally of course! Yap!

I’m a pretty good navigator for Tony, who really enjoys my company.

Next morning, I had plenty to tell the neighbours about my trip!


About eremophila

I live in the Australian countryside with my animals. Together we explore the land around us and their connection with the world helps me to see what I would otherwise be blind to. They are my teachers. My aim is to convey this other way of seeing through my photography.

10 responses »

  1. Slowvelder says:

    Looks like you had a really fun day Fred 🙂

  2. fotografzahl says:

    What a wonderful landscape to explore, Fred!
    I wonder how my cats would react to the sea…

    • eremophila says:

      My mate Ginger Mick who used to live with us, was very happy with the river – not all cats dislike water. The sea’s definitely a bit different…..guess you could try them in a boat first? Cats in boats

  3. the shot with the cows is priceless.

  4. Nice to see these shots. My family travels to robe nearly every year, but can’t all make it this year, and I’ll really miss it.

    • eremophila says:

      Thank you. A pity you have to miss out, but perhaps sometime just as nice awaits elsewhere. We’ll be doing more visits this summer, so if you drop by now and then you’ll at least keep a feeling going. If I catch a fish I’ll send it to your cat – woof!

  5. zorgor says:

    That was fun! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

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