Saturday dawned with clear skies, whoopee, it meant we could go exploring!  First it was to the Kalangadoo Market, where I had to wait in the car while Enivea shopped for organic vegetables.  But I’m a patient dog, and usually get a nice reward when she returns to the car.  Mmmmmm…… Kate’s pumpkin scones are yummy!  Worth going to the market just for them!

Then it was on the road again, heading to some water – I was looking forward to that as I miss the river I used to paddle in. It was fun driving along a road we’d not been on before, cos after all, you just never know what you might smell!

Yep, smells like duck to me!

A bit further along, we rounded a corner that boy, look at that! I’ve never seen a puddle as big as that before!

That’s Lake Leake, and it used to be a volcano, whatever that is. I wondered if it was called Leake cos it doesn’t hold water properly, but actually it was named after two brothers who were early white explorers to this area.

As soon as we got to the park, I checked out the water. It wasn’t cold at all – come on in I called to Enivea, but she didn’t….maybe she was worried about getting nipped by yabbies in the mud.  But I love yabbies, and used to hunt them in the river at our last place.  Just as I was getting to know the place, another dog turned up, and he was just as friendly as me, and happy to show me all his favourite spots.

And then we played follow the leader.

One of the nicest things about travelling, is the new friends you make along the way 🙂 Woof!

Still, the road was calling – so was that dog’s owner…grrrrr…. – and away we went to the next lake, which is called Edward.

It’s not as large as Lake Leake, I guess he must have been the younger brother…..but a bonza place with plenty of bird life.

We began to walk around the lake on the circuit path, but it was pretty hot by then, and with the long grass Enivea was worried about tiger snakes, so we’ll do that another time.  Apparently there’s a bird hide there too.  Why do birds hide?

Instead we headed up a hill into the forest.

Those pine forests are everywhere about here.  I think these trees are about thirty years old.

Up the hill, and up the hill…..we came across a fire tower.  No way am I climbing that!

I tell you, it was getting jolly hot too, and I was hanging out for the water bag stop!

Well, we had our drink eventually, and then began our descent.  Much easier going back down the hill.  It’s months since I’ve had any hills to climb, and gee, it takes a bit of getting used to again.  On the way back, we could just see bits of the lake through the native scrub.

Next time we’ll get to explore that, nice and early in the morning.  I’ll have to make sure Enivea doesn’t sleep in!

Time to head for home and tell Frank (that cat) and Sally (my horse) all about our trip.  Of course, I helped with the driving.

Hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we did -) Woof!


About eremophila

I live in the Australian countryside with my animals. Together we explore the land around us and their connection with the world helps me to see what I would otherwise be blind to. They are my teachers. My aim is to convey this other way of seeing through my photography.

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    Woof, Woof Fred


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